Sobriety Appreciation

Hello fellow people of the internet,

Today I’ve uploaded a video talking about appreciating sobriety.

Now I’m not a heavy drinker and unlike most students prefer to have a drink or two at home or down the pub rather than attending flat parties or going clubbing at UEA’s LCR. Unfortunately, this means that I end up turning down invitations from friends and if you’re reading this, I appreciate the invitations but it’s just not my cup of tea.

I can’t count the amount of times I’ve given myself a hangover and made myself ill (Shout out to Summer In The City 2016… And the hotel toilet cleaners – “Sorry”). I’m guilty of hypocrisy; I appreciate not drinking because I’ve had bad experiences with alcohol. It’s my fault because every now and then when in social occasions I will have a few more drinks than necessary. However, I’ll then connote alcohol with the consequences that follow if you don’t  manage your consumption, and that will put me off drinking for a few months.

This video will express my views on appreciating sobriety in further detail.

NEW VIDEO| Sobriety Appreciation

Click here for the video! ❤

I’d like to know your experiences if you’ve woke up to regret substance abuse of any kind. I haven’t touched any form of drug (besides prescribed medicine) such as Tobacco or illegal substances. Some people would consider this boring; I consider it being sensible. If I know there are substances that can harm my health, why should I voluntarily consume the substance? That’s what gives me the motivation to turn down cigarettes from friends and family. I find that once people offer you anything once or twice, they appreciate and respect your decision.

Similarly, I wouldn’t ask them to change their views and values to accompany my beliefs and personal opinions on substance consumption of any kind. What others choose to do behind closed doors is their business. As long as people acknowledge the potential consequences, then it’s their decision to make. If someone consumes illegal substance and get caught by the police for example, that’s their consequence. Similarly, if someone ends up with health complications due to substance abuse, that’s their consequence.

The point of this post is to highlight that you can have a good time without drinking or consuming anything and it’s better to appreciate it at a younger age before it causes problems further down the line. Also, if you do consume any form of drug – Look at potential symptoms prior to making the decision to consume the substance (s).

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Stand up and fight for yourself even when you’re forced to sit down. 

Absolutely agree with Claudia. Stay true to yourself regardless of what others think.

Claudia Hernandez

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Life is like that. People come, people go. People use, people don’t. Some appreciate, some just ignore. Life is like that. People just are or just don’t.

If you’re a teenager, grown ups will try and undermine you for your youth. If you’re an adult, teenagers will try and demotivate you for your age. Every time it seems people will always try and put you down. The circumstances will be different, the force which they will push you too.

But you, you must stand up. Forget them. Forgive yourself for the times you’ve been one of them. And, most importantly, don’t fucking care about how young or old you are. Stand up – But do it for yourself. Do not, I repeat, do not focus on achieving something just because they told you you couldn’t. Do it for you. You knew you could and if you don’t, you…

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Life behind a lens.

Hello everyone and welcome to my first post!

I figured I’d keep this post short and sweet.

I like to capture the here and now and express myself in a creative manner. Creating blogs and putting them out to the world allows me to communicate and connect with so many amazing people.

YouTube has allowed me to appreciate the finer things in life a little bit more and grasp the concept of “here and now”.

You should live for today and not leave yourself trapped in the past. People change, the world changes and I change – It’s a fundamental truth.

Speaking to a camera may seem “weird” to the everyday person but there are also people that “get it”. YouTube has allowed me to meet similar people that enjoy the hobby.

It’s always good to feel inspired and that’s what every creator I watch does for me; they inspire.

I post my videos online with the hope of doing the same for someone else. It’s also an escape for me that allows me to be creative and it allows my voice to be heard.

Vlogging is more than a hobby for me now… It’s a lifestyle.

Take care,

Ryan Ellis.


“Vlogging is more than just a hobby for me now… It’s a lifestyle.”


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